History behind the "Champion City"

History behind the "Champion City"

The first Champion.

Our namesake, the Champion City, originates from the history of the agricultural empire, the Champion Reaper Company, which put Springfield, Ohio on the map in the mid 1800's. 

William Whiteley invented the Champion reaper and mower- revolutionizing the agricultural community and industry. The manufacturing of the reaper / mower added an economic boom to Springfield, making our city a comparable location to Chicago. The positive impact the company's manufacturing had on the local economy in Springfield lead to the city's nickname, The Champion City - a nod to the company. 

Champion Reaper Company eventually merged with another, leading to the prominent agricultural machinery business, International Harvester.

Why did we choose to adopt the name?

Champion City Guide + Supply is a pretty unique retail store for a number of reasons. Not only are we a local retail store but we're also the official visitor center for Springfield, Ohio. Champion City is fortunate to be partnered with The Chamber of Greater Springfield and Visit Greater Springfield - a relationship that allows us to be a resource for locals and visitors alike.

Building on the pride of Springfield was a main focus of the store's mission from the very beginning- a focus that also aligned with The Chamber and Visit Greater Springfield's goals for downtown. That's why when it came to the merchandise, goods and name of the store, it was important to pay homage to our past while thinking of our future.

Champion City features heritage throwbacks and locally inspired apparel, as well as, artisan created goods and products. We've become a downtown storefront destination for locals and visitors where they can find various products that point back to Springfield and our history.