South High School Reunion (Summer '22)

If you'd like to order another item from our website, please check out your Pre-Order South High tee(s) separately!

The reunion committee requested that attendees have the option to order shirts from Champion City Guide & Supply prior to the event. 

If you'd like to order a tee shirt, please request the size you need below. We do ask that you prepay for the tee.

You'll have the option to pick up the tee shirt from our location in Downtown Springfield during our operating hours the week of the reunion or we're happy to ship the tee to you for an additional fee. At check out, please select if you'd like to pick up from the store (free) or if you'd like to have it shipped (will be calculated when you check out).

Shirt requests (size and payment) must be submitted by Saturday June 11, 2022. 

Pre-order your South High tee!

We'll typically order a tee that is a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester and is pre-shrunk. The graphic on the tee in the photo is the graphic that will be on your shirt - in other words, there will be no additional graphic that references the reunion.

If you order a shirt and decide later (but prior to Saturday June 11, 2022) that you need a different size, we're happy to make that change! Please contact Kelcie with the updated size you'd like. Pre-ordered South High shirts will not be ordered until June 2022.

Pre-order Disclosure:

  • While we imagine the supply chain issues to be less of an ongoing occurrence next year, there's a slim chance that the size of tee you need (generally seeing this in sizes 2XL or larger) isn't available. If that's the case when we place the order, we'll absolutely refund you for your purchase.
  • The colorway shown may not be what's ordered. We'll do our best to keep it the same however on occasion we need to adjust colorways in order to find the best stock available. Colors shown will be a combination of blue, yellow, white, or grey. If this ends up being the case, shirt orders are not refundable for this reason. 
  • Throughout the year, we'll continue to reorder South High tees for our general stock; however, if you pre-order, your tee will need to be a part of this group order. In other words, your pre-order can not be applied to the purchase of a South High tee from our general stock.